AUT announces new Professors and Associate Professors

09 Oct, 2017


Professor Erica Hinckson

Four internationally recognised senior academics in the fields of Sport and Recreation, Science, and Law are the latest group of academics promoted by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to become Professors. A further eight academics have been appointed as associate professors.

Vice-Chancellor Derek McCormack said the new appointees are all highly accomplished and are a welcome addition to the university’s senior academic ranks.

Professor Erica Hinckson (School of Sport and Recreation) specialises on the science of behaviour, in particular the patterns, causes and effects of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on health in youth and adults, within the context of the built environment.

Professor Geoff Dickson (School of Sport and Recreation) is an expert in interorganisational relationships and sports governance, sport and event tourism, and ambush marketing, sponsorship and consumer behaviour and is researching volunteering in sports, innovation and organisational behaviours, and rugby and violence against women. 

Professor Kris Gledhill (Law School) has a focus on mental health law, prison law, human rights law and comparative criminal law and a special interest in the areas of forensic risk assessment and the regulation of its use the legal arena and the impact of comparative human rights on mental health law.

Professor Nazimah Hamid (School of Science) specialises in food product development, flavour chemistry and sensory analysis and applies her expertise to develop innovative food products. Her current research is looking at functional meat-based food products and investigating the role of auditory and visual sensory cues on consumer perception of food. 

New AUT Associate Professors

Associate Professor Amanda Smith (School of Art and Design) is a practice based textile designer, focusing on the craft-technology interface which interrogates the role of design and the designer, using textiles as a medium. Amanda explores design possibilities in areas such as smart textiles, medical, garment, surface and product applications, realising the potential of both traditional and new textiles.

Associate Professor Andrew Lowe (School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences) researches in the area of modelling physiological systems (cardiovascular biomechanics, novel physical markets of cardiovascular risk and AI for patient monitoring) along with healthcare devices and measurement systems and the interface of health informatics and medical devices.

Associate Professor Boon-Chong Seet (School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences) is a specialist in wireless communications, antennas and radio frequency based sensors. His research encompasses interdisciplinary projects where wireless and sensing technologies are key enablers of smart systems such as smart buildings, smart grids, and smart textiles.

Associate Professor Daniel Shepherd
(School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies) focuses on sensory psychology, psychophysiology, psychometrics and research focusing on Autism, noise and health.

Associate Professor Fleur Palmer (Te Rarawa /Te Aupōuri) (School of Art and Design) considers the long term environmental, ethical, social and political impact of our presence as individuals and communities living in Aotearoa. Her practice based research explores issues of sustainability and finding ways to create affordable housing for displaced people through participatory action research grounded in Kaupapa Māori methodologies.

Associate Professor Georgina Stewart (School of Education) is a Kaupapa Māori philosophical researcher in education. Currently with her Marsden grant she is investigating the novel academic practice of writing research and scholarship in the medium of te reo Māori.

Associate Professor Ricardo Sosa (CoLab) combines creative industrial design with computational systems and is an expert in group creativity and innovation, participatory design and teamwork, and computational social science.

Associate Professor Roy Nates (School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences) specialises in renewable energy, biomechanical engineering, thermofluid systems, sport sciences and engineering education.

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