What is your calling?

What is your calling?

By the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Professor Kate Kearins
8 August, 2017

A career path with impact means finding a purpose beyond the standard measures of business success, says Kate Kearins.

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NZ tourism on the south island

Exploring our love/hate relationship with New Zealand tourism

By Hospitality Head of Department, David Williamson
3 May, 2017

At a time when tourism is creating thousands of new jobs, it's been downgraded to a non-university entrance subject in schools. AUT academic David Williamson explores why.

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Te Reo taught at school

Compulsory Te Reo Māori in schools – two academics, two views

By Associate Professor Sharon Harvey and Professor Paul Moon
12 Apr, 2017

Associate Professor Sharon Harvey and Professor of History Paul Moon share their different perspectives on compulsory Māori in schools.

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A digger dismantling a home

The re-branding of Glen Innes: redevelopment or disestablishment?

By Dieneke Jansen
31 Mar, 2017

The disestablishment of communities within gentrification processes is happening in Auckland under the guise of redevelopment.

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A fairy tale of a prince finding his princess

'Beauty and the Beast' – a revamped tale

By Dr Lorna-Piatti Farnell
29 Mar, 2017

It looks like people are pretty horrified by the new version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

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Who will be the bad girl in the bachelor

Who will be this year’s bad girl? Do you even care?

By Dr Rosser Johnson
 16 Mar, 2017

We’re about to start yet another round of watching attractive young people trying to make their fairy tale come true. Yes, it’s time for The Bachelor again; nineteen women seeing if they have a real connection with this year’s lucky man – Zac.

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High school students in the hallway

Free tampons for high school students?

By Professor Nesta Devine
 6 Mar, 2017

The call for sanitary products to be provided freely to teenage girls is on first glance admirable, but is this simply a band aid solution that ignores the root of the problem?

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Cartoon of Donald Trump

Will the real Trump foreign policy please stand up?

By Amy Baker Benjamin
 24 Feb, 2017

On a number of U.S. domestic issues, Donald Trump has made his views abundantly clear. But when it comes to foreign policy he is a mass of confusion and self-contradiction.

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Youth homelessness in NZ

Youth Homelessness – a human rights priority

By Professor Judy McGregor
23 Feb, 2017

Access to decent housing for all New Zealanders is a universal human right, whether you are a child or teenager, a tenant, a single parent, or homeless.

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First opinion

If Dumbledore’s gay – do we still need queer representation in literature?

By Laura Williams
15 Feb, 2017

At Carnegie Hall in 2007, J.K. Rowling revealed to a spellbound audience that Dumbledore was gay. The eccentric headmaster, next to Gandalf and the Wicked Witch of the West, is one of the most famous magical folk to grace the pages of literature.

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